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A New Life:

Uraavu is a company that started offering its matchmaking services following its phenomenal success rates of marriages. The Uraavu team has opened its doors to the wider world without boundaries. Uraavu has a team of professionals which use several methods of analysis of the personal details of individuals in their database.

The kundali matching which is more commonly known as horoscope matching is one of the chief matching methods used which give correct results. We also make use of special filters in our software which automatically eradicates unsuitable options leaving behind only those matching your set of priorities.

Many individuals living in different parts of the world have used our services and are happily enjoying their married life. We take much pride in telling our valued clients that our services are reliable and ethical.

Based in London, the world’s leading matrimonial site mission to enable people across the globe to find love.

Mission Statement

“Our mission at Uraavu is to genuinely help individuals find their right match for a harmonious and peaceful life ahead” 

The Uraavu team takes into account the preferences and life priorities of its clients to offer them a match which will make their lives complete.

At Uraavu, client satisfaction is extremely important and we take great care to pay attention to small details to provide the best match.

Our Philosophy

In many cultures, marriage is still centred on arranged marriages or matchmaking either formally or informally. Yes, we all may have heard it many times that “all you need is love.” But is that really so? As much as many would like to believe, there are many considerations involved when it comes to marriage and we at Uraavu understand that.

Even experts now believe that the secret of long-lasting marital success isn’t so much love as the personalities and priorities of two people.

Meet  Our Team

Cumaraswamy Ravichelvam


Patrick Nathan

Chief Technical Officer

Keerthana Rames

Director of Marketing

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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