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  • We want you to enjoy using the Uraavu Website but we have to have some terms and conditions are needed to ensure it is safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please note that you may only use the site if you agree to be bound by the full set of Terms and conditions.

    Do make sure that you are honest and thorough when completing your Uraavu profile. Because the most interesting fact you provide about yourself, the more likely you are to receive messages from other singletons on the site. You must treat the members you meet on Uraavu with respect and courtesy at all times.

    The following terms and conditions apply to your use of the Uraavu Website. As a user of the Site or a user registered to use any of the Services (a “Registered User”), you agree to the following:

    1. Registration:

    (a)  The Services are intended for adult Users to communicate with each other online thus you must be at least 18 years old to become a Member.

    (b)  If you have been charged with or convicted of any offence (or are subject to any court order, police investigation, formal caution or similar) specifically relating to fraud, assault, violence, sexual misconduct or harassment you cannot use the services. Uraavu does not conduct criminal background screenings on its members. You are solely responsible for taking appropriate safety precautions in connection with your use of the Site or Services.

    (c)  If you wish to register someone other than yourself for our services, you must have obtained prior consent of the third party, for us to process their data and provide the services to them directly or via yourself.

    2. Your Safety and Security:

    It is vital that you understand that we cannot advise on long-term relationships. The responsibility still remains on you to decide who is right for you; we simply provide the options. Uraavu may not be able to provide matches for everyone seeking to use its services. We make no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with individuals you meet through the Uraavu or as to the conduct of such individuals.

    We do not have a contractual obligation, moral or ethical responsibility or the technical means to

    (i)  verify the identity of persons who register as Members or use our Services

    (ii)  verify or monitor Member Content (although we do reserve the right to monitor Member Content if we consider it appropriate to do so)
    As a Member you are advised not to assume that any Member Content is accurate. A person may not be who he or she claims to be. You should at all times exercise the same caution you would normally when you meet people. We cannot be liable for false or misleading statements by Members.

    You are solely responsible for, and assume all liability regarding,

    (i)  the information and content you contribute to the Services;

    (ii) the information and content you post, transmit, publish, or otherwise make available (hereinafter “post”) through the Services; and,

    (iii) your interactions with other Registered Users through the Services. Details of how Uraavu may use information you provide or post which is personal to you are set out in our Privacy Statement.

    You assume all risks when using the Services, including but not limited to all of the risks associated with any online or offline interactions with others, including dating.

    3: Exclusive Use:

    Your account is for your personal use only. You may not authorize others to use your account, and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. Uraavu is not responsible for third party access to your account that results from theft or misappropriation of your user names and passwords.

    4: Reporting of Violations:

    You will promptly report to Uraavu any violation of the Agreement by others, including but not limited to, Registered Users.

    5: Content Removal:

    Uraavu reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the information or material you submit to the Services or post in the public areas of the Services. Uraavu will have the right to remove any such information or material that in its sole opinion violates, or may violate, any applicable law, either the letter or spirit of this Agreement, or upon the request of any third party.

    6: Membership and subscription:

    You may register your profile for free and be given access to certain areas of the Uraavu Service. You will require a paid subscription to receive full access to the Uraavu Service, including the ability to send messages to other members (other than one-line replies).

    Information regarding the subscription fees payable for full access to the Uraavu Service, how you can pay for your subscription and terms relating to payment can be found in our membership levels.

    Once you have purchased a subscription, you will be able to make use of the paid-for features and you therefore expressly agree that the Uraavu paid service will have commenced at that point. You will also be able to access these features if you sign up for a free trial.

    You have registered and if you choose not to go with our membership plan and to go with our direct interactive service, there will be fee for it.

    We reserve the right to refuse any application to become a Member. You will not become a Member until you receive email confirmation from us, and we may retract any such membership at any stage at our sole discretion.

    7: Right to cancellation:

    You have the right to cancel your subscription within 14 days without providing a reason. The cancellation period will expire 14 days after your purchase of the subscription. If you have benefitted from a free trial, the cancellation period will expire 14 days from the beginning of your free trial.

    To exercise the right to cancel a subscription purchased through the Uraavu Website during the 14 day cancellation period referred to in the paragraph above, you must inform us, of your decision to cancel by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or an email). You may use our contact form, but it is not obligatory. If you use this option, we will communicate to you an acknowledgment of receipt of such cancellation on a durable medium (e.g. by e-mail) without delay. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

    If you cancel your subscription within the 14 day cancellation period as described above, Uraavu will refund you a pro-rata amount of the subscription fee for the unused period of your subscription. However you will still be required to pay a subscription fee for the period of your subscription until you communicated to us your cancellation, (excluding any free trial period where no payment was taken) and Uraavu will therefore not refund this portion of your subscription. Uraavu will make any refunds without undue delay and no later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel your subscription. We will issue the refund using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the refund. If you cancel during a free trial, you will not receive a refund as no payment will have been taken.

    8 Termination:

    Uraavu reserves the right to close your account (whether you are a paid subscriber or have a free account) at any time for any reason with or without notice to you.

    You can close your account and terminate any paid subscription or free trial at any time for any reason by visiting the ‘Your Account’ page and opting to ‘Delete your account’. Apart from as described in the cancellation section (which applies where you cancel during the 14 day cancellation period), the payment of any refunds for paid subscriptions where you cancel your account are at our discretion.

    Uraavu may offer members an initial free trial period. The free trial period will expire after the designated period irrespective of whether you have used the service during the free trial period. At the end of the free trial period, you may either cancel your subscription or you pay the subscription. The first payment will be taken on the day after the expiry of your free trial period. You also have the right to cancel at any time during the free trial period, as described above. Free trials are not available for former subscribers. You will also not be entitled to a free trial if you have previously benefited from a free trial and cancelled it prior to paying a subscription fee.

    9:  Jurisdiction and Applicable Law:

    The agreement shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales. The Site and its’ Services are intended for use globally. Services should be used in a manner consistent with this Agreement and any and all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. Registration for, and use of, the Services are void where prohibited. To the extent that the Services are not legal in your jurisdiction, you may not use the Services. The Services may not be used where prohibited by law.

    You may not seek to use the Site or the Services for any commercial purposes.
    The Uraavu Website powered by Merit Computer System Limited. (Register office: Hazelmere, Buckingham Gardens, Edgware, United Kingdom,
    Re No: 04550803)

  • Privacy Policy

    Uraavu undertakes all efforts to protect the data that is entrusted to it by its customers from unauthorised access. With the sophisticated, strong and secure 2048 encryption systems in place, the maximum data security is sought. Your Uraavu profile data is visible to other users only you allow it.

    Uraavu gathers three types of information to carry out the fine service. For your profile, Uraavu needs to collect and process your personal data; place of birth, time of birth, personal preferences.

    The registration for Uraavu has 3 stages:

    1. Free registration
    2. Personal Information
    3. Preferences

    The first part of the free registration the person will be asked to provide general information which is vital and the process cannot be complete without it. This mandatory information includes:

    • Username
    • Email address
    • Password

    For the second part of the registration they will be asked to fill in personal information, such as:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Time of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Nationality
    • I am a….
    • Looking for a…..


    The final stage is filling your personal preferences this is about their idea of the right partner and other features. This will create their Uraavu profile.

    Uraavu profile is visible for everyone or other members to see on the website, unless the member blocks the visibility.

    Whenever the Uraavu service is accessed, the usage data is sent through the respective web browser and saved in log files, in the so-called server log files. This data includes:

    Date and time of the login

    Username on the Uraavu platform

    Name of the request page

    Date and time of the request

    Volume of data transmitted

    Number of the session cookies

    Session identification number

    Main purpose of collecting personal data is to allow the customer the safe, efficient and personal use of the Uraavu service. The data of the customer is used to provide the results and services desired by the customer and to improve the Uraavu services.

    Use of social plugins

    Uraavu use social plugins provided by the social networks. The plugins are identifiable by their own unique logos.  The Uraavu website that contains social plugin, when your browser establishes a direct connection to the relevant social network server, the social network server directly transfers the plugin content to your browser which embeds the latter into the website , enabling the social network server to receive information about your having accessed to the respective of page of our website. Thus Uraavu has no influence on the data gathered by the plugin and informs you according to our state of knowledge.

    LIVE CHAT: Uraavu has tied up with LIVE person for it’s live chat feature. Information you provide on chat is stored on the LIVE person’s server but is not used by them. Uraavu also saves chats for tracking and MIS purpose.

    MESSENGER: If you use our online instant messaging function on this Web site, you should be aware that any personally identifiable information you submit there can be read, collected, or used by other users of this platform, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in this platform.

    Information about stored data

    The customer may at any time request information about the data that has been stored about them, its origin. The request shall be in writing and signed by the customer and there will be a charge for this service.

    Correcting and deleting data

    The customer has the statutory right to request at any time to be deleted or corrected that their data stored by them at Uraavu.

    Verifying personal data

    To prevent people from misusing the Uraavu service (maybe with fraudulent intent), Uraavu, without having a legal duty to do so. Use different automated monitoring tools to analyse the random activities on the platform and check the plausibility of customer input.

    Uraavu carries out-also without any legal obligation to do so-random filtering of messages, customers written texts and photos. The customer written text can be checked against word lists to make sure they comply with applicable laws and the general terms and conditions. ( Ex- pornographic or clearly offensive nature can automatically detected to customer text)

    Uraavu may also refuse to accept or deliver incoming and outgoing messages where the automated screening process suggests there is a high probability that the relevant message is unlawful and / or violates the general terms and conditions. Messages already sent will be placed in a separate “spam folder” and deleted after 90 days. The customer will not receive any notification that the message was deleted or not delivered.

    Current state of technology

    The customer is aware that, based on the current state of technology, data security cannot be guaranteed during the transfer of data over the internet. In particular, emails do not provide secure communication, because “eavesdropping” cannot technically be prevented. The customer is responsible for the security of their own data transmitted by them over the internet.

  • When you are meeting another member, we recommend you take consideration of the, following things in your mind.
    • Meet at a public place that you know well.
    • Don’t give out your personal contact details immediately, so remember you are the one in control. Always contact/reply to other members via Uraavu secure contact system.
    • Take a mobile phone with you and make sure it’s fully charged and working.
    • Don’t organize, for the other member to pick you from your home.
    • Don’t let the other member make arrangements for your journey or any accommodation.
    • Let your friend or relative know where you are going and let them know what time you are planning to return.
    • Give information of the person you are going to meet, to your friend or relative.
    • At a suitable point of time, text or call your friend or relative, let them know how the things are going.
    • Consider going on a double date with friends that you know and your date knows.
    • You maybe feel that you know someone through email and phone contact, but remember that they are still a stranger when you first meet face to face.
    • Don’t accept lift to home or anywhere else you’re not comfortable about it.
    • Always have plan in place, if any unexpected things happened. You can quickly and easily leave, that there are people close by you, who can help if necessary.
    • Always use your common sense.
    • Keep in control and don’t be forced into doing something you wouldn’t normally do.
    • It can take some time to get to know someone properly. If a person is really interested in you, they wouldn’t mind, you can take your time to develop a relationship.
    Protect yourself from any fraud and scams.
    Like you, the most majority of Uraavu members are genuine ones, who have joined the service to find a serious relationship and want to settle down, like you. All appreciates all Uraavu does to provide a secure environment for members. For example
    All Uraavu member profiles are checked before they go live on the site.
    The payment system is safe and reliable and so on…
    But on internet, as any other area of life, there is some dishonest individual who finds a way past security scales and who will use deception to obtain money or valuable personal details.
    These people are scammers.
    Sign of Scammers
    No straight forward answer for your questions but rather seem to go down a structured path of premeditated content conveying an ever increasing attraction to you.
    Photo might look professionally shot and where the male or female is of model quality.
    Cry stories- recently widowed, been robbed, no money for further education, cannot cash money order or cheque.
    Asking you to put money on their behalf into a bank account.
    Poor spelling and grammar in emails
    Tax to get you onto instant messenger service quickly.
    Use your pet names to charm you early on.

    Uraavu never will contact you in webmail address such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmx, etc.
    Always contact will be made via an email address ending @uraavu.com.
    We will never request your bank account/card details and any request for the transfer of money. This should be regarded as potentially fraudulent activity.
    If you receive a suspect email you should not click on any links or open any attachments. They might compromise your computer security which could severely damage your computer.
    Protect yourself from Scammers
    Report is there something suspicious about individual profile or behaviour.
    If you have any doubts or suspicions, delete the members from your Uraavu mailbox.
    Never send money to anyone you have encountered on the internet.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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